Making plans and wooting it up! #wootyurlife

Blogility 1st entry since went offline a few years ago

Plans/Goals/Objectives.  Gotta have them.  They are scary to make, sometimes even scarier to follow through with.  Something that helps me is writing them down, and sharing them with other people, and making a calendar that includes the goals and how to reach the goal in a timely fashion.  Back in my bike racing days we called this type of planning “peaking”, where you plan out a few big races, and train for them.  We spent hours riding slow miles, building a “base” before we did sprints and faster training.  I hated it.  BUT I learned that going slow can lead to going fast.  In agility this would equate to training small pieces and working on the processes and dog training that leads to the whole.  I have to constantly remind myself that the parts are as important as the whole!  Luckily I have found that I do enjoy working on tricks and other behaviors that help me and my dogs build a better relationship.  I enjoy finding a small handling sequence with a certain focus and trying it many different ways.  Here is an example of a small handling sequence (thanx to LeapsNBounds) that you can try many different ways.

rear cross turns

  I am working on turns with Ho.  He needs as much information about where we are going next as possible and then we still might have a big turn…LOL.  I ❤ you Ho!  For making me an honest handler!  And for being cute as hell, and loving me no matter what.

Ho and me