About Me

“Goals are an important part of the journey, it’s HOW you attain them that matters!”

I have been doing agility since 2001 and have been teaching agility since 2004. I started my agility journey with two corgis, a rescue, Annie, and her “surprise” puppy, Moose. Moose and Annie taught me a lot and I enjoyed competing with them, going to USDAA Cynosport Nationals and making both the Performance Speed Jumping Finals and the Performance Grand Prix Finals. Moose earned his PDCH and retired after he was diagnosed with cancer. Annie did obedience as well as agility and earned a CDX and keeps my mom happy in her retirement.

Pickle came into my life in 2003 and was an awesome fast border collie! Pickle became a pirate in 2005, losing one eye to aspergillus fungus. Picke made the finals at USDAA Cynosport Nationals multiple years in multiple jump heights, competed at AKC World Team Tryouts multiple years as well as Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and AKC Nationals. Read about his spectacular career as a one-eyed agility dog here.

My next dog was a Swedish Vallhund named Hunda, but affectionately known as Looney Tunes. My dog training skills took a turn for the better with the addition of Hunda, he has competed at the Vallhund National Specialty and the 1st Westminster Master Agility Championships, his story can be read here.

I was looking for a border collie since Pickle had to retire early due to degenerative disc disease and spondylosis in his back. I tried really hard to get a relative from Pickle’s breeder but she didn’t have any boys available when I wanted a puppy. My friend suggested a dog from a flyball breeder in Illinois and I went for it! Bob was a split faced cutie pie as a puppy and has grown into a super cute and snuggly dog! More about Bob can be found here.

While I was competing with Bob and Hunda, some very good friends suggested I try running a Papillion. They let me borrow their dog and Ho and I fell in love and he has been mine ever since! Ho is a dream come true! He has helped me accomplish so many goals and continues to be a reliable, fun, loving team mate! Read about Ho’s trip to South Africa to compete in the 2013 FCI World Agility Championships and his wins at USDAA Cynosports and competing at Westminster here.

The newest addition to my family is Peep. He is a nephew to Pickle and is an absolutely stunning young border collie! We have already had a bunch of fun competing with each other, our team work is going to improve and Peep and I are going to become great partners! Here is more info on Peep.

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