What Not To Do At An Agility Trial

#1 Do NOT go anywhere without a poop bag. If you do, your dog will decide he has to poop two minutes before your gamblers run. Which is no biggie except some of the poop gets stuck in his butt because he ate grass and it is hanging off, dangling in mid-air.  So the choice:

A) Blow the run, there is no way you’ll get the gamble with a dog who has poo hanging off his butt.
B) Use your bare hands to pull the poo/grass mixture from your dog’s ass and go on to do the gamble, and actually get it, even though hardly anyone else did.

#2 Do NOT drink super good wine before your snooker run. If you do you will NOT remember your course and you will be left to making split decisions with a soggy head and clumsy feet. The only good thing about this tactic is that sometimes certain other people aren’t thinking clearly either so you might get a break in the calls and get a snooker Q anyway!

WhoChi Momma

WhoChi Momma

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